Patti Balsis


Ear prompter proficiency is often required by casting directors and now is an essential skill for the professional actor. Patti Balsis specializes in ear prompter coaching and helps actors further their career.

Class Duration Description
Ear Prompter $250
Includes 3 classes, 2 hours each class
Become ear prompter proficient! One-on-one or small group Ear Prompter training classes are designed in a 3-part series so you can build this critical skill over time. Students will receive sample scripts with practice techniques in a professional setting with on-camera taping and review. Students are required to reach ear prompter proficiency prior to graduating to the next training level.
Breaking Into the Chicago Acting Market $250
Includes 3 classes and Alumni Acting Networking
Break into the Chicago acting marketplace! One-on-one classes are offered to develop performance skills and the connections needed to break into the Chicago market. Students will receive sample scripts and will refine monologues on-camera in preparation for meeting local talent agents. Students are required to reach on-camera proficiency prior to talent agent meetings. Students will also be invited to participate in Alumni Acting Networking events.

"After taking her class, I quickly became ear prompter proficient. I felt completely prepared and very comfortable from my first ear prompter audition and in all the auditions to follow."
Kelly Owens, Actor